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Clan Kleos

What is the meaning of Kleos?
is the greek word often translated to "renown", or "glory". A Greek hero earns Kleos through accomplishing great deeds, often through his own death.

What are we looking for?
-People interested in a social organization
-People who like to compete in clan tournaments
-People of any experience level(willing to learn and grow as a player)
-Acitve players (average 15 hours of play time per week)
-Must have Curse Voice(Do not need to use it at all times, but must have it for clan tournaments)

The History
Clan Kleos was formed by FealtyGamer in December of 2014. Fealty had been playing and streaming smite with a group of friends for a couple of months and decided it was time to join forces and start making a name for the group. The word Kleos had been something Fealty learned about in his college days and the meaning stuck with him through the years. It felt like a perfect fit to create a clan named after the great ancient Greek word that was used to describe the deeds of all the great heroes of old. When Hi-Rez implimented the new clan system Clan Kleos exploded and now is a large social group of like minded SMITE players. The people in the clan enjoy many different modes of play and often post in clan chat forming groups. Clan Kleos has started a direction of holding Clan Tournaments. The first tournament had a prize of 1500 Gems to the winner. If you are reading this and are feeling interested... well come check us out. Join in on the fun and tournaments. Stop by to see Fealty play with Clan members love nightly at Fealty's TwitchTV LiveStream

-Do not be a DC'er or a Feeder. When you do both of these things it reflects badly on the clan. We can not tolerate this, sorry.
-Do not be that loner solo player unless you love to do league play. We look to have an active clan full of people who like to play with each other.
-Site membership is mandatory. This is to help ensure everyone has a capability to be in touch outside of game. In case you are a member on at odd hours this may help to get you in touch with people on at that time.
-E.L.E. (Everybody Love Everybody)- we are a group of different people from different parts of the world with different backgrounds. Be kind and keep in mind sometimes humor or ways of speaking can be offense. Just try to remember if you would not do it in the work place then that level of respect would do well here.

In case situations
-Contact an officer or leader. Better to contact on this site due to the fact that person might be in match at the time or possibly not online at all. Since SMITE does not have a normal contact system this is a guaranteed way to ensure your message will get to the person.

Team News

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